Eklutna Trips and Rentals

A great spot for the day or an overnight; Ekultna Lake Recreation Area has you covered.

Eklutna Lake Recreation Area is located 45 minutes from downtown Anchorage and is a phenomenal place to learn kayaking, rent a bike, or explore by independently hiking.

Lifetime Adventures can help you experience this area whether you are exploring on your own, with a guide, or with a large group.

Eklutna Lake Recreation Area has 26 miles of well-marked and user-friendly trails, where the biking and hiking opportunities are endless! Ekultna Lake, with its turquoise waters, is a great place to experience kayaking in the Alaskan wilderness. Whether you are a beginner or more advanced kayaker, Ekultna Lake offers spectacular views and supreme serenity on the water.

The winds at Eklutna Lake are calmest during the morning hours, with west wind thermals increasing during the day. These winds will make the lake choppy, however they usually are not strong enough to prevent kayaking. During East wind storms we will not be renting kayaks.

Lifetime Adventures operates the Visitor’s Center, where maps and staff are available to assist with your trip planning. Recreate for the day or take on a more challenging adventure traversing the glacier to Crow Pass.

Paddle & Pedal

Our most popular option is the Paddle & Pedal. Kayak out 8 miles one-way to the end of the lake where you will have a bike waiting for the return trip! This trip takes 5 to 6 hours to complete; you must arrive at the Lifetime Adventures Visitor’s Center by 1030am to ensure you return before closing. This rental option is available on Sunday’s only. Reservations made at least 24hrs in advance is required.

$199 per person unguided, two person minimum
Sorry, solo’s! For safety reasons we can only rent kayaks to parties of 2+.

Guided Overnight Bike/Kayak

Kayak one way, bike the other. Hike at the end of the lake back to the glacier. You will camp at the far end of the lake in the Lifetime Adventures wall tent camp. Includes dinner.

Cost: $599 per person based on two people
To ensure your trip, reservations are recommended.
Must have reservations 24 hours in advance.

Half Day Guided Kayaking

Spend the day with a Lifetime Adventures guide who will assist you in learning to paddle. Lunch included.

Cost: $199 per person, based on two people
Must have reservations 24 hours in advance.

Guided Bike Trip

Enjoy Eklutna Lake’s turquoise water and surrounding mountains as you bike 8 miles to the far end of the lake for a picnic lunch. Picnic lunch included.
Departs: 10 am
Returns: 3 pm
Miles: From 16 to 22 miles depending on group
Difficulty: Moderate
Cost: $175 per person
Must have reservations 24 hours in advance.

Eklutna Visitor Center Hours of Operation:

Memorial Day Weekend-Labor Day
Sunday through Friday: 10 am – 6 pm
Saturdays: 10 am – 8 pm

We will be open on weekends pre-Memorial day and post labor day depending on the weather. On weekdays during this time, we can open by appointment only

Located on the Lakeside Trail in Chugach State Park.

Bike Rentals

All bikes come equipped with helmets
Overnight and after hour rentals are available for bikes


Mountain Bike

All day: $55
1/2 day: $40
2 hours: $25

Overnight Bike Rentals

Overnight bike rentals are available if you have a reservation for the Yuditna Creek Cabin. Rates vary depending on pick up and drop off. Cabin rental information is HERE.
Pickup time: 2pm Drop Off time: 10am

Adult and youth bikes: $70

Kayak Rentals


  • Kayak rental price is per kayak.
  • All rentals include safety equipment (lifevests).
  • All kayakers renting a kayak from Lifetime Adventures must be paddling with at least one other person.

2-hour double kayak rental: $60
2-hour single kayak rental: $50

Half Day
1/2 day double kayak rental (4hr): $70
1/2 day single kayak rental (4hr): $60

Full Day
Full day double kayak rental: $85
Full day single kayak rental: $75

Overnight Rentals

Overnight kayak rentals are available if you have a reserved rental for the Kokanee Cabin or Yuditna Creek Cabin. Rates vary depending on pick up and drop off. Cabin rental information is HERE.
Pickup time: 2pm Drop Off time: 10am

Overnight Double: $100
Overnight Single: $95

Kayak Lessons
Kayak lesson Includes 2-hour rental: $99 per person.
Two person minimum requirement.