Winter Group Trips

Lifetime Adventures love winter! We can provide many activities for your group of six to seventy people. Activities can include Snowshoeing, cross country skiing, snowman building contests, and many other activities. Warm drinks and bonfires are included.

Winter Group Tours

Sample games

1: Snowshoe football. Each side may select to play tackle or flag football; guide serves as quarterback for both teams. Teams of 4 to 8 may play

In deep snow such as Hatcher pass we can allow tackle and the snowshoes slow down the participants at the Talkeetna Alaska Lodge we would have flags on coats.

2: Sled races. Time trials down local hill. One or two participants at a time may slide multiple rides

Instead of time trials we would set up a short hill and have participants go for distance

3: Snowshoe obstacle course. Timed race combining speed and dexterity.

The course would consist of items to crawl under, over and pulling sleds etc

4: Winter bowling. Bowl like few have! All rules apply highest score wins.

Not sure were we would set up the lanes however we can use the parking lot if not the lake

5: Fire building contest. All contestants start with the same materials. Prizes rewarded for quickest started and for the best after 10 minutes. this consists of a short lesson in cold weather survival and everyone is given the materials to start a small fire such as twigs, leaves etc and three matches and we see you will survive the wilderness

6: Two-person toboggan. Prizes given for the fastest and the furthest. we may not be able to do this at this location

7: Snowperson contest. Teams of two will compete with prizes given based on participant cheers. Prizes for most original, best dressed etc. We will bring many carrots, pieces of coal twigs, hats etc and have the whole group judge at the end

8: put the nose on the snow man. This is played like pin the tail on the donkey only with a snowman

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